Texas Style Dry Rub

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Get ready to elevate your BBQ game this summer with a homemade Texas-style dry rub that’s sure to impress your friends and family! Creating your own blend not only allows you to customize the flavors to your liking but also adds a personal touch to every meal you grill.

Why Make Your Own Dry Rub?

Making your own dry rub means you have complete control over the ingredients, ensuring there are no unwanted additives or preservatives. Plus, it’s an opportunity to experiment with different spice levels and flavor profiles until you find the perfect match for your palate.

The Foundation of Flavor

A good Texas-style dry rub starts with a solid base of salt and pepper. From there, typical additions include garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and cayenne for a little heat. But the real secret ingredient in our recipe is cherry wood smoked salt, which infuses a unique, smoky flavor reminiscent of a classic Texas pit barbecue.

Application Tips

When applying your rub, be generous. You want to thoroughly coat your meat of choice to ensure every bite is packed with flavor. Allow the rub to sit on the meat for at least an hour before grilling, though overnight is ideal for maximum flavor absorption.

Versatility at Its Best

While this rub is perfect for traditional Texas BBQ meats like brisket and ribs, don’t be afraid to try it on chicken, pork chops, or even vegetables. The robust flavor complements a wide variety of foods, making it a versatile addition to your spice cabinet.


Creating your own Texas-style dry rub is a simple way to add a burst of flavor to your summer BBQs. With the addition of cherry wood smoked salt, you’ll bring a touch of authentic Texas barbecue right to your backyard. Don’t forget to keep it in an airtight container and amp up your pantry organization with our printable labels. So fire up the grill, season your meats, and get ready for a summer filled with delicious, smoky goodness!

Texas Style Dry Rub

Experience the deep, smoky essence of cherry wood in your backyard cookouts with this Texas-style dry rub. The robust flavor of cherry wood smoked salt melds perfectly with a blend of spices to give your meats a signature Lone Star kick.
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Prep Time 3 minutes


  • 1 cup chili powder
  • 1 cup brown sugar packed
  • 3/4 cup salt I use smoked salt
  • 3/4 cup black pepper
  • 6 TB ground mustard
  • 6 TB cumin
  • 6 TB garlic powder
  • 3 TB onion powder
  • 3 TB paprika
  • 3 tsp cayenne powder


  • Mix well. Break up the brown sugar as much as possible. Makes 3 cups of rub.
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