How To Make Refrigerator Tea

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Refrigerator Tea has become my go to drink of choice this past year. During the pandemic, my best friend and I were deep into new hacks and this one was the game changer for us. It’s so simple that it really can’t be called a recipe – she realized we didn’t have to make sun tea or use our tea brewing stations anymore. We could make a cold brew in our fridge and it’s been our go-to ever since.

What’s your favorite iced tea? Southern Sweet Tea? Unsweetened Iced Tea? You can make this any style you prefer and the best part is no heat, no extra appliances and it’s the lightest tea ever. No more bitterness that you can get from sun tea with all the bacteria in the jar from just sitting there, and it’s just too easy for bad stuff to grow in there for me to want to take a chance on it. No thanks.

Cold Brew Refrigerator Iced Tea has taken over the scene for us now.

This is a “recipe” we can memorize. Here it is: 1 tea bag for every cup of water you use. That’s it. Put it in the fridge to hang out– I bought a 3L jar with a spout at Five Below for mine – It’s ready to drink after a few hours.

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