Breading Pantry Mix aka Copycat Shake N Bake

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Shake ‘N Bake, the iconic store-bought breading mix, has been a staple in American kitchens since it first hit the shelves in the 1960s. It’s known for its ability to deliver a crispy, flavorful coating to meats like chicken and pork with minimal effort and mess. However, as more people are looking to control the ingredients that go into their food, making a homemade breading pantry mix has gained popularity.

Creating your own breading pantry mix at home is not only simple but also allows you to customize the flavors to suit your palate. Moreover, it can be a healthier alternative to the commercial product, which often contains preservatives and additives that many prefer to avoid. By selecting your own herbs, spices, and other components, you can ensure that your breading mix is free from unwanted chemicals and tailored to your dietary preferences.

The process of making a homemade breading pantry mix is straightforward and doesn’t require any specialized equipment. At its core, the mix consists of dry ingredients that are combined in just the right proportions to yield that perfect savory crust we all love. The base typically includes breadcrumbs or panko for crunch, flour for binding, and a variety of seasonings for flavor.

One of the joys of creating your own mix is the versatility it offers. You can experiment with different types of breadcrumbs, such as whole wheat for a nuttier taste or panko for a lighter, crispier texture. Additionally, incorporating various herbs and spices can transform the profile of your mix. For instance, adding smoked paprika can give a subtle smokiness, while a pinch of cayenne pepper can bring a gentle heat. Garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, thyme, and parsley are other popular choices that can be adjusted according to your liking.

Another advantage of homemade mixes is the ability to cater to specific dietary needs. For those on a gluten-free diet, substituting regular breadcrumbs and flour with gluten-free alternatives is an easy switch. Similarly, if you’re watching your sodium intake, you can reduce the amount of salt or use a salt substitute. The control over ingredients extends to avoiding allergens, making the mix safe for those with food sensitivities.

Storing your homemade breading mix is as important as the ingredients you choose. To maintain freshness and extend shelf life, the mix should be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This could be a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid or a resealable plastic bag. Proper storage will prevent moisture from getting in, which could lead to clumping or, worse, mold growth. With the right conditions, your mix can last several months, ensuring you always have some on hand when the craving strikes.

Using your homemade breading pantry mix couldn’t be easier. Just like the original product, you’ll coat your meat of choice with the mix, then bake it until it’s cooked through and the exterior is satisfyingly crunchy. This method not only imparts great flavor but also helps to keep the meat moist and tender by sealing in juices. It’s a foolproof way to achieve a delicious meal without the need for frying, making it a healthier option as well.

The convenience factor is another significant benefit. Having a ready-to-go breading mix in your pantry means you can put together a tasty, home-cooked meal even on busy weeknights. It eliminates the need for multiple steps and dirty dishes, streamlining the cooking process. Plus, it’s a fun activity to involve kids in the kitchen, letting them shake the pieces of meat in the mix until they’re evenly coated.

Beyond its traditional use, your homemade mix can serve as a starting point for other culinary creations. It can be used to bread vegetables for a crunchy side dish or to top casseroles for added texture. Some even use it as a seasoning for homemade potato chips or popcorn. The possibilities are nearly endless, limited only by your imagination and willingness to experiment.

In conclusion, making your own breading pantry mix is a rewarding endeavor that offers numerous benefits. It’s an opportunity to play with flavors, accommodate dietary restrictions, and add a personal touch to your meals. The simplicity and convenience of the mix make it a practical addition to any pantry, ready to elevate your dishes with that classic, crispy coating we’ve all come to know and love. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, crafting your own breading mix is a small step that can make a big difference in your cooking repertoire. And don’t forget you can grab your labels with refill instructions here.

Breading Pantry Mix aka Copycat Shake N Bake

Create your own homemade Shake 'N Bake style breading mix using a blend of breadcrumbs and savory spices for a quick and easy way to add a crispy coating to your favorite meats.
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  • 6 cups plain bread crumbs
  • 3 TB paprika
  • 3 TB salt
  • 3 TB onion powder
  • 1 TB garlic powder
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tsp dried parsley
  • 2 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp thyme


  • To make dip meat (chicken or pork chops) in your choice of oil, milk or buttermilk. Cover evenly with coating and bake at 400 degrees.
  • Pork Chops approx 25-30 min to an internal temperature of 145
  • Boneless Chicken approx 25-30 min to an internal temperature of 165
  • Bone in Chicken approx 40-45 min to an internal temperature of 165


Makes 7.8 cups
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