Memphis BBQ Rub Mix | PNG SVG PDF JPG | Printable Labels


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Download Files Included: PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG

This listing allows you to print the labels on regular printer paper to cut them out and tape them to your container. You can also print on sticker paper and cut down to stick to your container, if that is easiest for you.

I use a transparent, waterproof sticker paper for my back labels. It is available for both inkjet and laser printers.  I have it linked in my Amazon storefront here.

These labels were designed to fit the containers that are the following sizes.
4″ x 4.3″ for containers holding 6.87qt / 6.5L / 27.5 cup
4″ x 4.3″ for containers holding 6qt / 5.2L / 22 cups
4″ x 3.6 ” for containers holding 2.5qt / 2.8L / 10 cups
4″ x 3.6 ” for containers holding 1.8qt / 2.0L / 7.2 cups
4″ x 3.6 ” for containers holding 1.5qt /1 .6L / 6 cups
4″ x 2.5 ” for containers holding 0.7qt / 0.8L / 2.8 cups

These files also come with an SVG file if you have a vinyl cutter and would like to make your own decals.
Front label: Permanent Vinyl
Back Label: I would recommend that you print on sticker vinyl/paper due to the small font.

Files will be available as PDF /JPG / SVG WITHOUT watermarks.

Due to the nature of digital files, no refunds will be sent after download.

*Please make sure that your machine/computer can open PDF files BEFORE purchasing

*There are no refunds on digital downloads. You cannot receive a refund after the file has been sent to you.